International Sourcing

SMPThai provides the best in quality, cost and delivery from the best workshops in Asia.   Let us reduce your administration and indirect costs for sourcing:


  •      International Shipping - delivered to your door
  •      workshop contacts 
  •      workshop capabilities
  •      current workshop loading
  •      locations
  •      payment terms
  •      in-house NDE capability
  •      ISO accreditation
  •      transport to port know-how
  •      export tax licensing
  •      steel material grades and sections

Steel Sections and Materials

Talk to us at commencement of Engineering to discuss material sources and sections.


Structural Engineering Designers must know the steel material strength and section sizes before starting the Design.

Our steel sections and plate are sourced globally to obtain the best product at the best price.  Sources include Thailand, Japan and Korea, generally using JIS & TIS sections.

Pre-Assembly & Construction

Reconsider the cost to manage and rectify misaligned foundation bolts with steel work, between your Civil contractor, Construction Contractor, Engineer, Steel Fabrication Supplier, and Rectification Shop Contractor.


Why not have a small crew from an SMPThai fabrication shop to rectify the steel work on site with:


  •     streamlined back charge process
  •     welder qualifications already performed
  •     Professionals familiar with the steel alloys
  •     known welding quality


Ask us about the availability of an on-site rectification crew to support and reduce the cost of your Construction Contract management.



With membership of the Chartered Institute of Transport, we can confidently arrange your international transport with confidence.


  •            International shipping - delivered to your door
  •            Material Management (tracking)
  •     Cartage Domestic (Ex Works to the wharf)
  •     Pre-ship port / terminal
  •     Ocean Freight
  •     Port Handling (export Port)
  •     Wharfage & fumigation
  •     Customs clearance (Export & Import points)
  •            Coordination of packing
  •            Receiving / Stowing
  •            Cartage / transit to works point

Shop Detailing

Take out the hassle of an additional contract to manage from your project. Using Tekla software in-house, the workshop can prepare these for you with:


  •       Fewer stakeholders to manage
  •       Streamlined queries with your Engineer
  •       Drawings to match the fabrication schedule
  •       Removal of an additional contract bid period
  •       Reduced clarification meetings with less contracts
  •       Reduced number of contract approvals
  •       Earlier commencement date for shop detailing

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

Our workshops are ISO9001 certified by the state owned Management System Certification Institute (MASCI) and provide the highest quality services in welding and fabrication.


All welders are certified against welder qualification tests according to welding procedure specifications (WPS) and procedure qualification records (PQR).  Manufacturers Data Records (MDR) are compiled as part of the QA/QC procedures to ensure traceability and quality of product.

We maintain that the workshop keeps complete fabrication records:

  •       Current ISO accreditation
  •       Weld procedure specifications
  •       Weld procedure qualifications
  •       Weld procedure records
  •       Fabrication sections to match shop detail drawings
  •       Receipt of free issue materials
  •       Reporting to reflect current progress
  •       Random checks of paint and thickness
  •       Random checks of dimensional requirements
  •       Additional specific inspections on request

Engineering and Engineering Management

Let us give your company resource flexibility against market fluctuations. We can fill your Project resource gaps for Engineering Contract Preparation (Project Engineering), including:


  •       Project Management Support (Project Engineering)
  •       Concept Design Support
  •       Prime Contract Scope
  •       Functional Specifications
  •       Project Scheduling support
  •       Resource Planning
  •       Change Management Support