Approved Agents & Distributors

SMPThai is the approved agent and distributor for K999 Engineering & Construction Ltd., (Oil & Gas Engineering - OGE), located in Rayong Thailand, to service the Oil & Gas Industries throughout the Asia Pacific:


  • High Frequency Heat Induction Pipe Bending
  • 3D, 5D Induction Bends up to 600mm 
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fire Heater (Cabin, Cylindrical)
  • Pipe Spools - C.S. & Alloy (i.e. A335 Gr.P22, P91)
  • Pipe Spools -  Stainless & Duplex (i.e. A790 UNS31803)

Duplex Pig Launcher

High Frequency Induction Pipe Bending

When the electric power is supplied from the high frequency generator to a heating coil surrounding the pipe, a narrow circumferential band around the pipe is heated inductively.


As the appropriate bending temperature is reached, the pipe is mechanically driven through the heating coil and immediately cooled by water or air depending on the kind of materials,

while the pipe bending is taking place moving through the heated zone.


The pipe end is clamped at a predetermined distance from the arm post center, which is equal to the radius of curvature, the bending takes place at the tangent point encircled by the heat ring, thus the pipe is bent continuously at a predetermined point with the specified bending radius and angle settings.

3D, 5D Long Radius Bends



With membership of the Chartered Institute of Transport, we can confidently arrange your international transport with confidence.


  •           Material Management (tracking)
  •     Cartage Domestic (Ex Works to the wharf)
  •     Pre-ship port / terminal
  •     Ocean Freight
  •     Port Handling (export Port)
  •     Wharfage & fumigation
  •     Customs clearance (Export & Import points)
  •           Coordination of packing
  •           Receiving / Stowing
  •           Cartage / transit to works point

While standard operating procedures are part of the company commitment, we are also able to incorporate client project specifications and quality requirements.  The workshops have a knowledge of Australian Standards, ASME, ISO, ANSI, AWI, BS, EN, etc.


  • ISO9001:2008

  •  “S” Stamp Certificate No: 43,461

  • “U” Stamp Certificate No: 43,462

  • Codes & Standards:  GB, ASME, PED, AS1210, EN13445, API

  • Testing: RT, MT, UT, PT, Helium Mass Spectrometer, PMI, Mechanical/Chemical/Metallurgical Testing, Hydrostatic/Pneumatic Testing outsourced

Workshop facilities have dedicated and segregated clean areas for exotic fabrication.  Capacity to fabricate 100,000 dia inch per month in pipe spooling.

Induction Bend Tolerances

Pipe and Plate Rubber Lining

Workshop capability includes extensive rubber pipe lining experience and capability using high quality Linatex ® rubber for superior wear performance and corrosion protection.